Sendy email marketing

It’s a very good news that now HT&Ecom bring you Sendy email marketing service which its cost is 100 times lower than Mailchimp, Getresponse.


If you are expert and have credit card, you can purchase Sendy app here at $59 then install it on your own server. Your total cost is Sendy fee $59 (one time), monthly server cost and monthly SMTP gateway cost. Otherwise, you can simply use HT&Ecom email marketing service with super good price only ‭$0.0016‬ per email, unlimited recipients and no expired date.

HT&Ecom would support you on Email design so that you have a perfect email content before sending, Setup email title that optimize open and click ratio, schedule for sending automatically at appropriate time. You can also design by yourself with Canva which support you on design without Photoshop or Illustrator skills.

Package 5000 emailPackage 10.000 emailPackage 25.000 emailPackage 50.000 emailPackage 100.000 email
220.000 VND per month330.000 VND per month590.000 VND per month890.000 VND per month1.590.000 VND per month
Our Sendy packages with minmum purchase is 3 months.

Besides you can order “pay as you go” package that is no time limitation, for instance, the 5000 email package is only 38 VND per email and you can send any time. This package is suitable for small businesses that rarely send email marketing.

Sendy email marketing is a part of our total digital marketing solution which would bring you the best results on digital channels including Facebook, Website, Email and even SMS.

Company email required, NOT gmail, yahoo, hotmail

(*) Please make sure your mailing lists is truly subsribed and NO SPAM.

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