What is interactive content and how useful it is

Definition of interactive content

Interactive content refers to digital content that engages users and allows them to actively participate in the experience. Unlike traditional static content, interactive content requires user input and responds dynamically based on that input. This type of content is designed to create a more engaging and personalized experience for the audience.

Examples of interactive content include:

  1. Quizzes and Surveys: Users can answer questions and receive immediate feedback or results.
  2. Polls and Voting: Users can express their opinions by participating in polls or voting on specific topics.
  3. Interactive Infographics: Infographics that allow users to explore data points or sections by clicking or hovering over elements.
  4. Interactive Videos: Videos that include clickable elements, hotspots, or decision points that influence the narrative.
  5. Games: Interactive games that users can play within a website or application.
  6. Calculators and Configurators: Tools that allow users to input data and receive dynamic calculations or custom configurations.
  7. Interactive Maps: Maps that users can explore, zoom in/out, or interact with specific locations.
  8. Chatbots and Conversational Interfaces: Users can engage in conversations with automated systems to get information or perform tasks.

VR 360 is an example of interactive content to be used in automotive industries.

How and which industries find interactive content useful

Interactive content is often used to enhance user engagement, gather valuable data, and create a more memorable and enjoyable user experience. It’s commonly employed in digital marketing, education, entertainment, and various other fields to capture and maintain the audience’s attention.

HTECOM is now offering many kinds of interactive contents such as Mini games, quizzes, interactive images like VR360 photos, infographic and especially interactive videos that you can add quizzes, games and other information into it. We can customize content as your requirement, then embed into your website, your PDF files or presentation slides with very good price.

We are proudly bringing interactive content to large number of agencies and industries from Education, Real estate (Industrial real estate included), Automotive…etc.

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