Why Super Family app is so hot

If your family is facing these problems

  • You have to yell at your child to get him/her to listen
  • Feeling helpless in raising your child
  • Wanting your children to have self-awareness
  • Wanting your children to be self-aware
  • Wanting your child to share their thoughts
  • Wanting to understand your child’s academic performance, feelings, and activities from afar
  • Wanting your child to enjoy reading
  • Wanting your child to manage their time and not be glued to YouTube or games
  • Wanting your child to leverage technologies like AI to stay ahead of peers
  • Wanting your child to understand money management from a young age
  • Cultivating love, responsibility, and self-discipline in your child

Then the Super Family mobile application is the solution. With the Super Family mobile app, you and your children can:

⏳ Manage the time your child uses the phone and the internet, know which websites they have visited, what videos they have watched today and limit the time allowed each day/week/month. And before that, children must do a job assigned by their parents to earn time online.

🎮 Gamification of tasks helps children excitedly do the work their parents assign to receive rewards, thereby helping them listen to their parents and helping them practice self-discipline, discipline, and time management skills. , reading habits… all through gamified Missions that parents assign to their children. These are games that combine online and offline, and will absolutely not make children “glued to their phones”.

💬 Parents can capture their children’s thoughts and feelings with the Family chat feature and quickly share “How are you feeling today” with one touch. Parents can guide their children to give prompts to ChatGPT through this chat feature or guide their children to search in the huge treasure trove of knowledge on the Internet through the integrated search engine. The AI-integrated chat feature will suggest to parents how to answer their child’s problems according to the Montessori method. AI is also applied in Pet chat bots that children take care of, chat with, and share with. A well-trained pet will become a very effective virtual assistant for your child in the future. In addition, when there are negative problems, the AI pet will alert parents for timely intervention.

Family communication is key feature of the app

📝 The Virtual Wallet feature guides children in financial management from a young age. Financial management skills are essential for your child to succeed in his or her future career. The source of money for the wallet is the reward that parents set up in each Mission. The virtual wallet mini-app will guide your child into dividing into Savings, Regular Spending, and Unexpected Spending compartments with reasonable proportions so that they can practice money management skills and let money make money.

There are many useful features in the Super Family app such as Family Event Calendar, Diary Writing… and mini-games are constantly being added in the future. Currently, Super Family has completed the analysis and design phase and allows parents to order early at attractive prices with savings of up to 90%. Please visit the website https://superfamily.app for more details.

Please spend 4 minutes to watch introduction video about this trending app.

Super Family is a product of HTECOM inc., a US company by the team of HTECOM technology JSC. based in Hanoi, Vietnam.


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