Impress your Audience with Flipbook

A flipbook is a traditional animation and entertainment tool that creates the illusion of motion through a series of sequential images or drawings. When you flip through the pages of a flipbook quickly, the images appear to move, similar to the way a film or animation works. Flipbooks have been used for centuries as a simple and captivating way to display animations and tell stories.

Key features of a flipbook

  1. Sequential Images: A flipbook consists of a series of images or drawings, typically hand-drawn, that are arranged in a sequential order. These images represent different frames of a scene or action.
  2. Binding: Flipbooks are bound together in a way that allows the pages to be flipped rapidly. The binding can be at the top or along one of the sides, and it’s usually made in a way that minimizes friction and allows for easy flipping.
  3. Persistence of Vision: The principle behind the flipbook’s animation is the persistence of vision. When you flip through the pages quickly, your eyes retain the image for a fraction of a second, creating the illusion of motion as the images change.
  4. Animation or Storytelling: Flipbooks are used for creating short animations or telling brief visual stories. The number of pages in a flipbook can vary, but it’s typically limited due to the need for quick flipping.
  5. Creativity: Flipbooks allow for creative expression, as artists can draw or design anything they want in each frame, from simple stick-figure animations to more complex scenes.
  6. Educational Tool: Flipbooks can also be used in educational settings to teach basic principles of animation and visual storytelling.
  7. Customization: While traditional flipbooks are handmade, there are also digital flipbook creators and apps that allow you to create flipbook-style animations on a computer or mobile device.
  8. Nostalgia: Flipbooks have a certain nostalgic charm and are often seen as a retro or vintage form of entertainment.

“Overall, flipbooks are a fun and creative way to explore the principles of animation and storytelling in a simple and accessible format. They have been a beloved form of entertainment for generations.”

From a HTECOM client

Requirement for a Flipbook

What do you need to have a flipbook integrated into your website or flipbook link to send to your clients?

  • a PDF file that you’d like to present
  • a Landing page if you’d like to show it apart from website
  • a domain or subdomain
  • and Order HTECOM to setup and configure with price of a Starbucks coffee

Flipbook demo