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The Signing Ceremony (MOU) Between UNIGO College And HTECOM Technology

On December 28, 2022, a solemn ceremony was conducted at Thanh Do University for the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding agreement (MOU) between UNIGO Bilingual School (UNIGO College) and HTECOM technology JSC – the leading company of technology for education (EdTech).

Participation in the signing ceremony, on behalf of HTECOM, it’s the attendance of Mr. Tran Hiep, Director of HTECOM Technology, and instructors who serve on the Board of Directors of Thanh Do University and UNIGO College. There is also the attendance of all delegates, invited guests, parents, and beloved students.

Director of HTECOM Technology Joint Stock Company Tran Hiep was present at the event

The signing event was held successfully with genuineness and joy, leaving many unforgettable emotions. During the ceremony, the school and its partners presented one another with bouquets of fresh flowers. Additionally, with the compliment of HTECOM technology, there’s a 4K 50-inch TV handed to Unigo college for contributions to the school’s research and teaching.

The ceremony represented a major milestone in the good collaboration between UNIGO College and HTECOM, developing a lasting relationship in the future, and serving the joint interests of the development activities of both parties.

The signing ceremony encourages cooperative partnerships between the two parties.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, HTECOM will supply the school with technological infrastructure, as well as aid in promoting, enrollment, training, and providing access to the latest resources for both teachers and students such as Blockchain, AI,…

As part of the Thanh Do Education Ecosystem (ThanhDo Education Village), UNIGO Bilingual School – UNIGO College was inaugurated at this event, marking the beginning of a bright future for the institution and the education system in Chengdu as a whole.

UNIGO College is now an established part of Chengdu’s educational infrastructure.

In addition, as part of the ceremony, the students were given the opportunity to take part in a variety of fascinating activities, such as a mini golf experience class, a VR virtual reality campaign, and a student-led physical class experience. At UNIGO College, students may have enjoyable and significant memories by completing activities such as playing with koala bears, painting wooden drawings, making badges, enjoying finger food, and visiting the school.

Experience class playing miniature golf
Student-led physical activities

Additional photos from the signing event:

Congratulations once again on the signing ceremony between UNIGO College and HTECOM Technology. Surely, with this arrangement, the two parties’ connection will continue to blossom in the forthcoming years.

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