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The app Super Family will gamify your kid’s daily tasks to train them “working & playing to earn”. The rewards could be sticker, badges, money, time to use mobile phone, food for virtual pet in the game, or custom rewards by parents.

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We conducted the survey on 100 parents.

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Family Communication with AI

Chat tool ingrated in the app allow kid to chat with mom, dad, grandparent ỏ all together in a group chat. You and your kid can use ChatGPT together just by typing /chatgpt "the question that you traing your kid here" then get response from smartest AI so far. The app also suggest your reply to your kid problems.

Screen time control

Parental control now goes to the next level: parents would know what YouTube video or what website your kids visit. You can set time a day, a week. Kids must work by playing "games" to earn more internet time.

Family calendar

This is where you and your kids can add family events, photos and videos of union moments. Your kids should learn time management skill with this smart calendar.

Smart e-Wallet

When you choose money as reward for a game, it would be transferred into e-Wallet to train your kids how to use money effectively. Default wallet has 3 sections: Saving (30% of total amount), Frequent expense (50%) and Sudden expense (20%). You can change this ratio as well as add more section such as Investment.

Smart Diary

Smart Diary encourages your kids to write down their thoughts, then you would know about your kids’ feelings and emotions. The diary is private but our AI would warn you, the parents, if diary content is negative and lasting, so you could have action at the right time to prevent stress and depression of your kids.

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Text Generator

Many ready-to-use templates for any kind of text such as Ads content, Long-form articles, Product description


Image Generator

Create eye-catching images and graphics in minutes. Promts are ready for UI designers, architecture, Digital markters, Product designers


AI chat bot

Meet your personal assistant in Finance, Healthcare, Language tutor, Travel advisor, Cybersecurity expert and more...

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Ultimate AI Generator

Now you can GPT-4 level of AI starting from only $6.99 per month. Special price for education organizations, please contact us to request.

Easy to use

Many prompt templates are ready to use

Speech to text included

Accurately transcribe your recordings in just minutes. With our user-friendly interface, you can upload your files and have them transcribed in a matter of clicks.

Generate high quality code in no time

AIday is designed to make coding faster, easier, and more efficient than ever before. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or a coding newbie, our tool will help you streamline your coding process and get your projects up and running in no time.

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Beside those Software as a Service

Other on-premise Products


CRM and Project Manager web-application

Our suite CRM and Project management application is very suitable for project kind of companies such as software outsourcing, digital agencies, architect orgsanizations...

  • Managing leads that are potential clients but haven't signed contracts yet
  • Monitoring the process and status of conversions through customizable steps from new data to becoming a client
  • Automatically dividing leads according to rules for sales to continue nurturing
  • Assigning KPI targets to sales and monitoring achievement rates
  • Managing deals / sales opportunities
  • Confirmed orders will be converted into Projects. Projects can be divided into multiple phases/milestones, and plans can be viewed as a list or kanban board showing the progress of each task in the project
  • Managing files, documents related to the project, and granting access permissions to project team members
  • Integration with Calendar and reminder systems for upcoming/deadline tasks
  • Logging user activities
  • Reporting system for admin to monitor business activities
  • Configuration and customization of automated workflow, integrated with third parties like email marketing systems and SMS API
  • NO limit on the number of orders, customers, sales, users
  • Creating invoices and automatically sending them for customer payments
  • Monitoring customer payments in part or in full, automatic payment reminders, exporting payment and debt reports to Excel for accounting
  • Integration for payments through the website portal
  • Customizable according to specific requirements suitable for the Client's sales process
Give it a try at ERP.HTECOM.NET
- User: [email protected]
- Password: SMczH1YK93fE


Learning management system (LMS)

The system include

  • Creating online lectures including formats like Video, Live streaming via Zoom/Google Meet, Slides, and Docs
  • Creating courses consisting of multiple lectures. Students can continue from where they left off, re-study or skip parts (depending on admin configuration)
  • Creating exams, online tests with a timer and manual or automatic grading
  • Issuing certificates, diplomas for students who complete the course
  • Students can download study materials and complete online exercises
  • Students can track their learning progress, strengths and weaknesses
  • Feature to create groups/classes for discussion and sharing learning materials
  • Feature for learning paths from basic to advanced or random
  • Automatic student care system for situations including: New student registration, Course completion, Passing a test, Failing a test, Not logging in for X days; X days before course expiry; and creating automatic email scripts sent to students corresponding to each situation
  • Students can rate and write reviews about the course
  • Admin can monitor the number of active students, the level of lesson completion, scores, and badges
  • Instructors can create courses, lectures, and teaching materials if given permissions by the admin
  • Integration of a gamification system for each achievement milestone to make the course more engaging for students
  • NO limit on the number of courses or users

Give it a try at LMS.HTECOM.NET


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If there's no customization, the price for CRM and PM web-app is $4,500.00 and LMS is from $4,900.00 (installation fee included without server cost)

We have plan to make CRM & PM web-app become Software as a service in 2024.

For SaaS we guarantee 99.9% uptime and bug-free.

For on-premise products, the warranty is 1 year and the maintenance cost is 15% of software product from the 2nd year.

We have plan to add German to SaaS.

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