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Our products

Beside providing service, we are investing on product development and calling for investment to boost bigger.

Logo Nhicher


The new-style dating applications for young generation, better than Tinder and for Asian people.

move2store logo


Move2store is an Airbnb of warehouse that connects warehouse leasee with leaser.

KOLstuff logo

KOLstuff is a platform that designers are free to bring their design to KOLstuff merchandise and have their own shops to sell online. The production and shipping will be made by KOLstuff.

Why invest on us

You are always warmly welcome to visit us to discuss about your investment opportunity. We do understand that if we want to go further, we need to go together. Definitely that 51% of $5m profit is larger than 100% of $1m profit.

These are top 3 reasons why you should invest on HT&Ecom.

More than 12 years of experience

Founder by Mr. Hiep Tran, current CEO and president of the company, HT&Ecom keeps developing till this moment and earns a lot of archivements in software and design industry.

Not only technical mindset

We don’t only have technical mindset but business too, so we do know how to make money from our idea and products. Our average ROI is 12% per year.

Human Resources is everything

Yes we are very strong team. Our team is not only working togerther but also we trust each other. Each member is responsible and skilled at his/her own field. Our best skills are programming with Laravel, WordPress and No code platforms; Design with Photoshop and XD.