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Inside FPT’s smart city operation center

The Smart City Operation Center (IOC) is built to monitor and operate the fields through a single technology platform.

On November 16, Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee inaugurated the Smart City Management and Monitoring Center, invested and deployed by FPT Corporation. In the first phase, the Center provides services such as information security monitoring; urban security and order; traffic management; Field Supervisor; executive summary dashboard…

Tran Kim Kha, Director of Binh Dinh Department of Information and Communications, said that the IOC Center applies many 4.0 technology solutions such as IoT technology in connecting sensors, cameras, video data management systems and image analysis. image, allowing to display video as a grid through the integration of provincial cameras.

There are 35 high, medium and low range surveillance cameras located in Quy Nhon city. The low-level camera has the purpose of tracking and analyzing faces. Mid-range camera monitoring, warning the crowd. Meanwhile, two high-altitude cameras are located on the 40th floor of the TMS building with a viewing range of 10 km, serving to monitor fire and explosion cases, search and rescue occurring in the area.

Traffic management camera system is AI-applied to analyze the violation behavior of vehicles through the gate. The IOC will save information such as license plates, video clips and images of violations, and then transfer them to the Traffic Police Department – Provincial Police to carry out sanctions according to regulations.

In addition, the camera system also records and measures the traffic flow through the intersections to serve the traffic analysis, towards the reasonable regulation of the green and red light times.

The IOC Center also provides information monitoring services, with the aim of retrieving and analyzing information on electronic newspapers and social networks related to Binh Dinh province.

This service applies AI in word analysis, big data to monitor media information in cyberspace, and provides reports and statistics for provincial leaders to make decisions related to business development. socioeconomic.

Mr. Lam Hai Giang, Vice Chairman of Binh Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, said that although the IOC Center has just started testing, it has initially promoted its features and effectiveness, helping provincial leaders to have a complete overview of information related to the IOC. agencies, units and localities. This is an important step in accelerating the digital transformation of government and all aspects of social life.

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