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HTECOM Learn is preparing for Frontend web development course for blind people. This is a CSR activity of the company, learners only need to pay VND 10,000 (US$ 0.4) to join the course. The course is direct and offline in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Automate your marketing, sales and more

What is Business Process Automation (BPA)

BPA is to turn your manual work tasks to automation when a trigger is pulled, for instance, when an email received from your client, you will be notified via Facebook Messenger and added to your task list.

BPA save cost by cutting time, human resources and reduce mistakes happened in your business process.

HTECOM BPA does not bring you a brand new thing. We integrate your familiar work tools together so your staffs should not take much time to use.

Keep chatting with Zalo, Viber or Slack, we will integrate them with triggers

f k

Auto convert among text, image and voice

Digital transformation becomes ease with AI-powered

Stick with your business process and we are hear to make it run automatically with a Play buton

Record video or audio conference as much as you can

Book a consultant

Book a call with our consultancy and give us more information about your business process, so we help you reduce cost and increase productivity of work.


Low price

Free flow design, monthly price from only 299.000 VND


100% automated

No human involved needed


Customized just for you

So you don't need to change your habit but get better productivity



Automation on both PC and mobile


Runtime without errors

Our BPA system integration works smoothly



HTECOM BPA works with almost popular software in the market currently


More productive

It's also the cost you saved monthly when using our automation services


Happy customers

All of our customers are happy with our services and support

Compare with marketing automation

Have you heard about marketing automation some where? It's a part of our BPA solution


1 year warranty

During warranty you get free update and any technical issues will be fixed within 48 hours